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If you love reading, have a great imagination, and believe in magic than this site is for you. I created this site so you can join me in the world of fiction and fantasy hopefully with the stories on the shelf, they will inspire you.


Reka Hall

Born in Pecs, Hungary. Studied Maths and Computer Science at University of Pecs and got a teacher degree in 2010. She wrote diaries, letters, personal blog which allowed her to express herself confidently. She always felt talking to kids were easier than to adults. From 2009 moved to the UK to improve her English and 11 years later got married and settled down in Brighton. 6 years ago, her daughter was born. She started reading picture books in English in the evenings, and made up stories together. Inspired by her daughter's innocent imagination-  the debut book: When Millypop and her Mummy visited Ice Cream Land  was written and is now published.

As a child:

I was a quiet and shy kid, had one maybe two best friends, but I always found it easier to express myself in writing. I wrote poems, diaries, I preferred writing letters in the summer holidays to tell my friends about the adventures. I also loved photography and drawing. Mainly characters from my favourite comics or cartoons. 

As an adult:

After moving to the UK I got my QTS and went volunteering to Seaford school. I still loved helping children however the teaching system was so different here than in Hungary, I had to realise I needed more training and experience to be able to teach Maths in English. Becoming a wife, a mum and also juggling work with writing and enjoying reading, gardening and photography required a bit of multitasking and organisation from me and I left teaching on the back shelf for now. I found another way with writing, and  I think of it as a start of a journey.

As an artist: 

 I always wanted to help people, do something good, something that will change someone's life. With my debut book I wanted to share with people how important mindfulness and preserving the magic with kids is. I wanted to share my story how the positive use of imagination, visualisations and metaphors helped my daughter with sleepless nights. The aim for my book is to raise awareness and to help. I hope that my story will help kids with anxiety or sleeping issues. Anxiety is tough even for adults, and at a young age they may not even understand why they have butterflies in their tummy. 

It's the start of my journey I hope you will enjoy what you find here. 

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