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Adventures in Ice Cream Land


I always wanted to be brave enough to send my work to a publisher one day. With a little help and encouragement from friends and family about a 2 years ago I sent my manuscript to lots of publishers hoping to get a response back.

6 months later Olympia Publishers came back to let me know they will publish my book:

When Millypop and her Mummy visited Ice Cream Land

The time has come as of today I can hold this book in my hands and also you are able to find it on the bookshelves online or in stores. For now though I wanted to let you know that this was just the beginning.

I realised how much joy writing gives me, how much I love escaping from the current extraordinary and unprecented times to my fantasy world, my fictional reality, where anyting can happen.

I will share with you here my stories on the shelf

I hope you enjoy


About the Book

When Millypop and her Mummy visited Ice Cream Land - is a book inspired by my daughter, who was 5, and got scared one evening she had a bad dream. We talked and after asking some questions to take her mind off the dream and with some positive encouragement she created a magical wonderland; a place she could visit as she drifted off to sleep. She slept through the whole night and woke up the next day excited telling me all about her adventures in Ice Cream Land.

The aim of the book is to encourage the positive use of imagination to tackle childhood issues through visualisation and metaphors. Mindfulness for kids, how to control thoughts before they fall asleep.

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